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You’re scum.


You’re scum.

           Okay, so the dildos hadn’t worked. Nor did the vibrators or sounds, or even the mental image of two, maybe three large men bending him over and fucking the living daylights out of him. Sure, he’d come undone once. But it had been weak and disappointing, and there was still an aching desire remaining. Jerking off was doing no good, either.

           That was his first problem.

           His second problem was simply the fact that his business — with male clients in particular — had been increasingly lacking since his richer, regular client’s wife found out about his little fuck toy, yours truly. She hadn’t found out about his true identity, however. She only knew how he looked when he was bent over on their king sized bed calling the man daddy with thick fingers up to the knuckle in his ass and how he laughed while running down the apartment complex hallway.

           So, all in all, Brenton hadn’t been fucked by a real cock in a while. It was beginning to takes its toll on him, too. He found himself more irritable towards the poor cashier in the local store he went to to purchase groceries and condoms and the like. He was glaring at cute little puppies in the streets he’d normally want to go over and pet. One day he’d even stubbed his toe and punched the wall in response. Hadn’t even yelled.

           Brent needed some dick. ASAP.

           That was how he ended up here — back leaning against the red brick wall of the night club whose music made his chest reverberate even from outside the party, arms crossed over his chest, and a hip cocked in a way that wasn’t entirely masculine. He wore his regular outfit, composed of dark skinny jeans that hugged his ass a little too tightly, his banged up and somewhat loose combat boots laced on his feet, and a white muscle shirt to go under his black leather jacket. But instead of having the normal one he always wore, he wore the one with the silver spikes on the shoulders. A little added touch was a faint streak of eyeliner around the outer corners of his eyes. It was rare that he wore makeup, but tonight he wanted to appear pretty for whoever took him home. If at all, that is. He had to look somewhat out of place to get someone’s attention. Hopefully a man’s that wouldn’t mind putting his dick in him.

           Brenton perched alongside the wall of the club, eyes meeting every man’s that would look at him to either size him up or give a lusty look. It puzzled the blond, however, when no one would come up to him and begin a little conversation. He wasn’t even looking to charge someone for his services tonight, that was how bad he wanted it. So why wasn’t anyone taking him up on his offer? It was making him increasingly frustrated, and that was when he decided to make some sort of a move.

           The next man that met his gaze was fortunate enough to receive a flirtatious smirk from the punk-styled man against the wall, followed closely by a wink. In the next moment, he was pushing himself off the wall and walking towards the man, gaze darkening with desire that he hoped would get across to the other. If he turned out to be straight and called Brent a faggot or something, he was going to fucking scream.

           “Hey, handsome,” he began, ensuring his voice was laced with a soft purr. He absolutely needed to make it obvious what he wanted. A hand came up to grip the other’s top, tugging slightly.

           “Bet ya look real good outta all this, huh? Bet ya’d look real fuckin’ sexy. Even sexier fuckin’ me over m’ bed.” God, he sounded so desperate.


           Thank you for
                          s m i l i n g.

                                                                   Thank you for the times you’ve
                                                                                                          т̲α̲ℓ̲к̲є̲∂̲ ̲т̲σ̲ ̲м̲є̲

                                                      Thank you for being 
                                                                   so kind.

writes ace instead of ass


I’m like a reverse dudebro, I constantly need to reaffirm how queer I am, just in case anyone mistakes me for a heterosexual.

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im gonna make an open brenton starter when i get outta the shower and it will turn into smut i swear to god

sold my soul to bara satan tbh. ahaha.

good lord you mean this one

anyway i suppose maou will suffice? since the other bios arent complete i mean but idk if theyll get along well enough for maou to fuck brent lmao cause brents a little shit

makoto tachibana. reblog if u agree.

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bara demons don’t have bis yet but they’ll be done by tonight hopefully; either way they are Gozu and Mezu from Japanese/Chinese mythos.

i see mezus icon and i just